marcin adamczyk


Marcin Adamczyk

Born in 1984

A graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Painting. Masters degree for "Auntie from America going into Space".
2010 - year of graduation

Still planning to complete studies at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.( Right now too busy to come back to this task).
2010-2013 - years of study at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

At first fascinated by creating animations and installations, I soon concentrated (my artistic efforts) on painting. To be exact, on studying the form itself.

I prefer to perfect artistic expression of the Form.
I avoid providing any content.
For over a dozen years I have been learning the language of painting.
I avoided taking part in any exhibitions.

After years of experiments, finally in 2021 I opened my gallery-studio to present my works there.

marcin adamczyk obrazex malarstwo


It makes no sense to list the exhibitions in points.

Here is a diagram of what colors I explored + approximate dating

marcin adamczyk obrazex malarstwo